Legacy Farm Strathmore

Historically Est. 1908 & Re-Est. 2022
Legacy Farm

Legacy Farm

In 1908, the Canadian Pacific Railway, as part of their program to attract settlers to the prairies, began construction of a Demonstration and Supply Farm at Strathmore, Alberta. The farm rapidly grew in size and prominence to become well known as an "agriculturist mecca"
and the showplace of western Canadian agriculture.

Presently, the Strathmore Town Council has approved an
Area Structure Plan for the development of the original farm site.


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The Oldest Ties To The West

Est. 1908
As the farm expanded and plots of strawberries, sunflowers, potatoes and alfalfa were planted on the farm, the CPR's frequent tourist trains to the Rockies would stop in the town to take on fresh fruit and vegetables for their dining cars.